Writers' Mantra is a writing software designed to facilitate a distraction-free, focused, goal-oriented atmosphere for writers working on long projects: novels, short story collections, academic dissertations. Suitable for any writing-intensive career.

People who are working on long projects--novels, short story collections, academic dissertations--as well as for freelance writers whose careers are writing-intensive can track their progress through Writers’ Mantra’s unique and user-friendly interface.

Features Include: 

  • Daily Word-Count Analysis, Chapter Based Reading and Writing Times shown graphically giving useful insight into writers habits and progress.

  • Eliminates distraction organizing Summary and Notes in the same window without leaving the application.

  • Provides session time and word count for every session to provide immediate progress feedback.

  • Publishes to Word Document ready to be sent to Publishers/Agents/Clients.

  • Backs-up at every save to provide security from losing data.

  • Email feature allows users to send themselves their work in plain-text and word document.